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iot ecosystem

Our product is composed of the following components:

IoT Platform

A SaaS IoT platform to manage your devices on the field and to send all the generated data to your system.
It has a simple and secure API allowing it to be integrated with your applications.


A robust and flexible device that manages all the sensors and actuators present in one of your customers’ sites.
Connected to the internet, it receives the configuration and sends the collected data, as well the automations performed since the last communication.


This sensor reads UHF RFID tags at high speed and sends the data to the Gateway. Can connect up to 2 external antennas according to your needs. We help you decide which antennas and tags to use!


This GPIO provides dry contact relay outputs to enable control / activations of electric and electronic devices and digital inputs for sensing.
Wireless connected to the gateway it enables the creation of complex automation solutions together with the ecosystem sensors.

use cases

Examples of application of our IoT Ecosystem
- AVI -
Automatic Vehicle Identification

Parking management solution providers benefit from automatically identifying the vehicles with very easy-to-use and secure devices.

It works by applying small RFID tags to the authorized vehicles’ windshield and one RFID antenna on each way. When the vehicles face an antenna, the information is automatically sent to the Parking Management software in the cloud.

It can also send commands to barriers and gates for automatic operation based on vehicles permit.

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